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Dent Repair Chandler is owned and operated by Dave Streen. Dave is one of the nation’s top technicians and he won the 2018 PDR Tool Person of the Year and has held many board positions for the major industry organizations. He is a master certified dent repair technician and PDRN Certified. Dave provides paintless dent repair services in Chandler for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Everything from small fender benders to hail damage is within his expertise. He can truly handle any kind of dent so check with him first! He will amaze you!

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Dent repair Chandler AZ shop is the place to go if you have a dent or a ding! We are Chandler’s best option for all things dent repair related. Our goal is to provide premium PDR services with fast turn around times for everyone. Keeping your car in top condition is essential to maintaining a high resale value. Dents and dings can make a new car look old but having them all removed can make an older vehicle look its best. Dealerships and body shops have been using our services for over 17 years, but we firmly believe that everybody deserves fair access to professional level dent repair. We’ll restore your car quick without putting a dent in your wallet. Call us today for the highest quality dent repair work available in Chandler!

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Dent Repair Chandler: We are the best dent repair company in Chandler, Arizona for maintaining your resale value. Our methods are non-invasive, eco friendly, and guaranteed to satisfy! We look forward to proving it to you! We follow a strict no-drill policy and follow all precautions from vehicle OEMs! No other Dent Repair Company in the area can make these claims!

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We are veterans of the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) industry with years of experience in the Chandler dent repair market. Delivering high quality work is our top priority. Call us today for your free estimate!
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