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    It was a warm day in the Spring of 1976 when it all started for Gene. Oops, just a short bio, not an autobiography. Sorry about that. I have been in and around the automotive reconditioning and aftermarket since 1994 when a great friend introduced me into the world of bumping car stereos and custom installs. I have spent nearly my entire adult life making money working around cars. From car stereos, to auto detailing, to paint and touch up, and on and on all the way to my PDR career that started in 2002. For years I was chasing the technician’s dream where we all think that at the end of the day the best technician should be the most successful in business. That is wrong! In the end the best business person and more specifically the best marketer and sales person is who will win in the end. A handful of years ago (it feels like 2-3 but I must be getting old because its more like 6-8) I decided to start trying to build a business. My evolution since then is a transformation from a 1-man show doing only wholesale PDR to hiring a full time tech, then an office manager, then another technician, and now opening a brick and mortar shop! All of this was made possible because I became a student of sales and marketing. Along this journey I found a passion for helping other technicians build their businesses. I have been a guest on The PDR College Podcast, PDR Tool Time, I hosted the PDR Marketing Minute Podcast, I am a contributor and trainer on, I have spoken at The PDR College Advanced Skills Seminar, PDR Secrets Seminar in Canada, MTE, Front Range Automotive for Mobile Tech RX, and currently I have been teaching all over the country for KECO Body Repair Products. I was also awarded the PDR Mentor Of The Year award at the 2019 Mobile Tech Expo.

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    If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life…
    Hi, my name is Dave Streen and i am a Dent Guy just like you. The only difference might be that i have the most incredible support network that has helped me rebound from all of the mistakes i have made along my PDR Journey. I would not be where I am today without the help and guidance from my dad, my wife of 25 years, my daughter and all of my friends and family.
    What makes my PDR Story a little different is that i have been lucky enough to have worked in just about every facet of the industry; from wholesale, route work, mobile retail, owned serveral brick and mortar shops and even a body shop, global hail operations working and running storms in dozen of countries, PDR tool company, website design and marketing, coaching / mentoring and more. I have worked on dozens of cars for celebrities, and was even asked to repair the hail damage on the space shuttle.
    About the only part i have not participated in would be that i never trained a single new guy. While i have done quite a bit of advanced training i have never brought a single guy into the industry.
    The only thing i noticed that stays the same regardless of which part of PDR you are in is that there are guys making millions and guys going broke regardless of how hard they work or how good their skills are. Sure those factors play a part, but the biggest difference is their systems and strategies, their marketing and their network. This is where my passion is and there is nothing i enjoy more than learning new things to help my many friends and clients reach new levels.
    I love the PDR industry and the great people in it! This industry has given me and my family everything and i am at the stage of my life and career that it is time to give back and this is the part I Love The Most Of All! I hope i get the chance to help you reach your dreams too!

    Read Kip's Bio

    Kip Brooks started in the PDR industry in 2006 while working as a writer in a collision center. He dove headfirst into training and landed head first in an empty pool when he tried to create his PDR business.
    He struggled for more than two years barely scraping by while working two other jobs. At that time, Kip considered it a success if he was able to pay the power bill before it was disconnected.
    Finally, in a moment of desperation, he went really deep inside looking for a solution. He’d seen so many successful techs in the industry with average repair work and less than admirable customer service procedures.
    Meanwhile, he’d also seen phenomenal technicians struggling as much as he was even though they were some of the most skilled craftsmen he’d ever seen in his decade in body shops.
    He finally realized that dents don’t pay to repair themselves, the whole transaction is based on a person.
    He quickly dove into finding an understanding of what makes some people successful and others unsuccessful.
    He also when looking for ways to connect to people (customers) better and more quickly and that lead to discovering that people have strategies for how they make decisions and why. Once he understood that, the game completely changed and his income began to skyrocket!Kip Brooks is a certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and holds certificates in Leadership Development, Neuroscience, Root Cause Release, and Hypnosis. He is a best selling author, certified international Speaker, and an Empowerment and Breakthrough Coach and co-founder of Brooks Empowerment Academy along with his wife Marina Brooks.
    Kip has been featured on Entrepreneurs on Fire and was involved in the movie rendition of Think and Grow Rich, the Legacy. Out of 10,000 possible picks, he was chosen as part of a team of 250 coaches brought in by the President of Paraguay to teach transformational and heartfelt leadership to many leaders throughout the nation in a movement called Transformation Paraguay.

    If you own your own business or at least think you do then this seminar is for you.

    Most of us start a business for the freedom it promises but end up building our own job.

    Come to the MYB to learn proven techniques to free up your day, make more profit with less stress. Proven strategies and concepts from the highest level trainings will be shared, discussed and delivered in actionable takeaways to give you your freedom back! Breathe new life into your business and get excited again!

    Kip, Gene, and Dave will share their knowledge and experience which will help you resurrect your passion and the excitement of being a successful entrepreneur again.

    Unlike anything ever taught in the industry before

    The first MYB was an overwhelming success for everyone involved and this one is going to be even better!

    You want to make sure you don’t miss out on this GAME CHANGING event!!!




    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn Gene’s secret to closing big ticket sales

    Dave’s personal and business strategies for wealth and freedom

    Kip’s black magic

    Being in business can be difficult

    Did you open a business or create a job for yourself?

    Owning a business is different than owning a company


    Being in business can be difficult just trying to survive your day to day can be mind bending. Come to the MYB seminar and let us shift you into a business ownership mindset.


    Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t feel like a failure all the time. Dave will teach you how to measure yourself differently so you feel happier and more successful. Feeling this way is the key to becoming this way!

    Stop the game of sacrificing your personal life for your business and vice versa. Learn techniques to have your Business support itself better as well as enhancing your quality of life.

    Come spend a day with us and you’ll learn XYZ and much more!

    Gene- come learn my full-proof technique for closing more retail PDR sales. You’ll learn how to get past your head trash that keeps you from selling at your highest level. You will have responses for every way a potential client can push back. In fact we’ll have you answering their questions before they ask them. Guaranteed to make your investment back in this seminar with just 1 job.

    Dave- simplify your business so you can regain your freedom while making more money. Get the excitement back in your business and reignite your passion for your company!

    Kip- Linguistic techniques that will help the customer feel they’ve known and trusted you forever in the very first meeting

    Kip, Gene, and Dave don’t just believe in helping you increase your business, they believe that true success is living a quality life. Many of these techniques will not only help you increase sales but also make life more enjoyable when you put the tools down.

    Gene has been in the reconditioning business for 25 years and has been a PDR tech since 2002. Along the way Gene has worked many facets of the reconditioning trade as well as moved from being a solo wholesale pdr tech to a business owner with multiple full time technicians and an office staff. In 2018 Gene opened a brick and mortar retail shop in Pittsburgh. Gene has taught and spoken internationally, you’ve heard him on PDR College, PDR Tool Time, he hosted the PDR Marketing Minute Podcast and has consulted with companies across the country.

    Dave loves PDR technicians and helping them achieve their goals and dreams. He loves learning and traveling and spends roughly $50,000 annually making sure he is in the right rooms and learning from the highest level players in the marketing and business categories. Dave has performed every aspect of the PDR game except for beginning training. He has owned and operated Permanent Shops, Pop-Up Hail Shops, and even a full blown body shop. He has traveled the globe repairing hail damage for body shops, dealerships and manufacturing ports and even run a local route. Please attend the Mind Your Business so he can share some of these knowledge bombs and experience insights with you. You’ll be glad you did!

    Kip started in the reconditioning industry in 1995 and has worked in just about every corner the automotive industry has to offer. He started in the realm of PDR in 2006 and while he struggled severely the first two years, he turned it around almost overnight once he realized he’d been seeing himself as a technician instead of a business owner. Since then, Kip has continuously been one of the top producers in the industry and has helped many others do the same. He’s often helped techs make six figures in as little as six weeks.

    He believes “what’s in your mind, shows in your wallet.”

    Kip has traveled the world as an international coach, speaker, and trainer teaching these same techniques to sales teams, nutrition companies, politicians, schools, and everyone in between.

    Of course this all comes with our 100% Money Back Guaranty! By lunchtime if you don’t think you’ve already received more than what you paid for this seminar just let us know before or at lunch and we will refund your full ticket price right on the spot! That’s how serious we are about bringing you the value!

    So book now and start the new decade out on the right foot!

    Let’s make 2020 not just the year but the clarity you have for your life and business.

    Tell me about the next MIND YOUR BUSINESS Seminar!

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