Dream Talks™ N.D.A.

(Non-Disclosure Agreement)

We want your DREAM Talk Presentation to be an incredible experience for you as well as the listeners. To help ensure this, we will be providing you “the speaker” with proprietary materials which will help you deliver your topic not only what we consider to be the best way possible but will also help keep the entire event on the same page.

Presenting a DREAM Talk™ is a very prestigious honor which is by invitation only. We know the people we invite are of the highest caliber and if it were only our content we will be providing, this form would not be necessary.

We appreciate you speaking for us and want to provide this great material for you to use “free of course” but as we said, it is proprietary information that we have collaborated with Joe Polish and the Genius Network® Team and this for helps protect everyone.

    I, , agree to abide by the following rules;

    I commit to prepare and deliver a 15 minute DREAM Talk on November 13th, 2021.

    I understand that the Dream Talk™ concept, format, and materials are intellectual property protected by (but not limited to) trademark, copyrights, trade secrets and brand enhancements. Dream Talks™ Trade secrets refer to the specific, private information that is important to our business because it gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    I promise to NOT reveal or share the training or prep materials with anyone by any means without the express permission of DentRepair, LLC d.b.a. DREAM.

    I will act responsibly and protect this information from becoming public in any way.


    Dream™All Rights Reserved© No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Dave Streen – Do not Share