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The PDR Olympics Seminar Will Be Held At: Inventure Tools, 7507 Kingspointe Pkwy, Suite 106B, Orlando, FL 32819

Monday – January 27, 2020 (Before MTE) | ONLY 8 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE

* Space is limited due to needing a side of a car for each tech to work on

  • Pre-seminar Meet & Greet: 8am
  • Official Start Time: 9am
  • Official End Time: 5pm
Stay after to hang out and chat. Also, anyone attending can go out with the group for dinner afterward
(Cost of dinner not included.)

Are YOU BRAVE Enough?

To Compete in front of hundreds of other PDR Techs?

Are YOU Skilled Enough?

To cleanly finish very difficult repairs under time constraints?


You experience the Mindset & Ability Training known as:

PDR Olympic Training

Presented by Žan Vidic, Dave Streen, and more!
Sponsored by and EdgyTools
Hosted by Inventure and TDN

Imagine for a moment how much more money you would make over the next year if you were MR. CONFIDENCE. Discover how some never revealed before now tips, tricks and mindset shifts can elevate your entire business. What would one better account put on the bottom line? What would being more confident during price negotiations be worth?


Learn from the most winning PDR champion on the planet! Dent Olympic Training is the highest level complex dent training ever offered! Due to space and time constraints, there are Only 8 spots available.

Come learn from one of the most humble guys who happens to have the most trophies in the world. Now Žan Vidic will share his tips, tricks and strategies openly with a handful of you.

Dave Streen will fill in any gaps and share knowledge, thoughts and inspiration for performing your best and reaching new levels!

You will gain the mindset and ability needed to compete like a champion in competitions as well as in your own business.

Learn to overcome fear and stress, how to handle peer pressure and time constraints. What to do before and during the competition to give you an almost unfair advantage.

  • Starting the repair
  • Keeping it clean
  • Pressure Release
  • Getting it Flat
  • Finishing
  • Time management
  • Lighting
  • Tools of the Masters


Using the completion in your marketing to make more money and close more sales regardless of what position you place.

As soon as you claim your spot we will ship your training materials and tools right away.

The 8 Lucky Techs who attend the Dent Olympic Training will also qualify for ½ off other seminars.

These spots will go super fast once announced so don’t hesitate a second.

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