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DREAM Exhibitor Booth


Booths will increase to $3699 April 10

The DREAM Exhibitor booth starts at an incredibly low price so everyone can participate. It includes the features that small businesses need with the ability to add other powerful features to make your booth even better. We’ll contact you after purchase to collect the information we need to get you setup for the trade show. You can either “do it yourself” (with training materials provided by us) or we can set your booth up for you for a nominal fee.

All booths include the following features:

  • Live 2-way Video Steaming (like Zoom)
  • Get contact information for all attendees that enter your booth
  • Small Size Graphic in Exhibitor’s List (There are 2 Sizes of Upgrades Available: Medium and Large)
  • Team-to-Team AND Team-to-Attendee Chat
  • Products Tab with Info About Show Specials (Images and Links to Your Website Where People Can Buy)
  • Downloadable Documents Feature (Catalogs, Product Sheets, etc.)
  • Pre-recorded Videos Feature That Booth Visitors Can View
  • In Expo Appointment Setting for Each Team Member so Attendees Can Request Meetings During the Show
  • Team Members: 3 (If you need more than 3 employees in your booth, let us know!)

Note: Booths are Limited to One Brand or Company.
Exhibitors agree to follow all applicable privacy laws regarding attendee personal information.

Check out the additional features you can add to your booth below!