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DREAM is the PDR industry’s first interactive online trade show!
DREAM 2 will transform your thinking and your business!

See the latest tools

Learn from 20+
Master PDR Techs!

Have fun!

What is DREAM 2?

DREAM stands for Dent Repair Expo And More ~ DREAM 2 is going to be completely FREE for all to attend. We won’t be having the live day with booths, but you can start watching DREAM 1 speech videos right now and the DREAM 2 speeches will be going up between now and the end of November so check back often.

Why Did DREAM Start?

To increase connection, reach, and impact. We were looking for a new way to help elevate the industry and we found it!

Who is DREAM 2 for?

Anyone in the Dent Repair Industry!

Who should NOT Attend DREAM 2?

Close minded, negative people who already know it all.

Dave Streen & Don Kavanagh

are proud to be the organizers of the Dent Repair Expo And More (DREAM).
The industry’s first online trade show and educational event.

Dave Streen is the owner of EdgyTools with multiple patented PDR tools and over 20 years in the PDR industry.
Don Kavanagh is the owner of DentKraft PDR and has over 35 years of PDR industry experience.